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Women and Video Games: Not just for guys!!!


I don’t really get to play video games with women very often, so my personal knowledge on this subject is very limited. I will be looking at women and video games from a different perspective (an old guy).

The only time I do play video games with a female is when my twentyish-year-old granddaughter, Sierra, comes to visit at the holidays. My wife, Cindy, very rarely plays with me even though I bought her own controller. Cindy will only play certain games.

Most discussions about video gaming focus on males. This is only half the population. Women obliviously play and buy video games. How many women young and old play video games? What kind of games are women playing? Also, why are women playing video?

Women and video games is a new subject for me and probably a lot of others as well. Let’s explore this together.

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Who are the Female Gamers? I bet you know one!!!

women playing video games
                “THE HEART OF A WARRIOR, A WOMAN”

The usual stereotype of a so-called “gamer” is mostly young, mostly nerdy and most definitely male. This has never been further from the truth.

In the United States, twice as many adult women play video games as do boys, according to the Entertainment Software Association, the industry’s top trade group. Male gamers between ages 10 and 25 represent just a sliver of the market, only 15 percent, according to Newzoo, a games research firm.
48 percent of gamers in America today are women from a wide range of ages.

1. Who was Gaming in 2011?

The Washington Post reported about 30 million males and 18 million females played video games on Sony and Microsoft’s big consoles (Xbox and PlayStation). About 1.2 million girls and women said they played five days a week or more.

2. Look who’s gaming now!

Just three years later, the Post reports the number of female gamers grew 70 percent (to 30.3 million), while male gamers grew 45 percent (to 43.3 million). More than 5 million girls and women said they play five days or more a week — four times as many as in 2011.

male gamers

When I first read these statistics, I was surprised at the least. I don’t think video gaming is just a bunch of nerdy teenagers boys locked in their rooms anymore. Young girls and adult females like video games too, the stats prove it.

Video gaming is a 190 million dollar a year industry. They are not going to just focus on how to get guys to buy their products. They want the other half of the population, females, to participate as well. The more people including women who buy video games means more profit for everyone.

The different varieties and themes of gaming are also changing due to more women playing. Let’s be honest, in the past a lot, if not most video game designs catered toward the guys. Fighting games, war themes, and sporting games have dominated the gaming landscape and still do to a certain extent. Let’s face it, they still make money.

The addition of strong female characters in video games also attracts women. They don’t just want to play some overly-aggressive male figure. Women like to “kick-butt” too.


Games like “Tomb Raider: Lara Croft” are excellent games for anyone, not just the ladies. I love playing this. And remember I am an old sixty-two-year grandpa. I don’t have a problem getting in touch with my feminine side when I am saving the world from space invaders or exploring for lost treasures.

Guys give her the controller or buy her one!!!

What kind of games do women enjoy? Whatever they want! It’s their choice, not the industry. They may chart the stats on what people play or buy, but it is up to each and every individual, whether female or male. Play what you enjoy. I am including some other posts they may be of interest to readers.




Let’s take a brief look at what women/girls tend to gravitate to in their gaming choices:

  • Just Dance or Dance Central: Ladies, I know this is not the same as ballroom dancing. But if most guys are like me, I can’t dance very well anyway. Maybe this is the kind of game where you can get your husband or boyfriend off the couch. Oh yeah, have him make you a nice dinner while you are getting ready to boogie the night away.

           “LET’S BOOGIE, BABY”

  • Candy Crush or Minecraft: These games are fun and easy to play no matter what the gender. They can be appealing to women who are just busy with life. They can be played on most mobile phones or devices. So while the kids are taking a shower after soccer practice, a mom can relax and crush some candy.
  • The Sims/ Sim City: In simulation games, you can be set in the cockpit of a jet or the seat of a race car. However, in the Sims games, you are creating and controlling a family called the Sims. You get to make the choices. Sometimes in our real families, we don’t have much say so in our lives. In the Sims virtual reality, you make the decisions.
  • World of Warcraft: It gets really fun in these types of games. You are not just controlling and building a virtual family. You are building empires, controlling governments, waging wars, or just being the queen of your dynasty.

                      “TRUTH BE KNOWN, QUEENS RULE”

  • Sporting or Exercising Video Games: I am not just talking about football, basketball, or baseball. I am talking about games where you do something, like running, jumping, swinging your arms, fishing, or playing ping-pong. All the major consoles today have the ability where you can interact with the games (Ex. Xbox Kinect and others). You are not just sitting, you move the furniture out of the way and get moving.
                    “LET’S MOVE”

As a whole, women are more worried about the health of her family and herself than the rest of the family. So these games are great ways to work up a sweat and get the whole family involved. For me. it sure beats walking on a treadmill watching the sweat drip off my nose.

  • Halo/ Call of Duty/ Assassin’s Creed: Action/ Adventure Games, these are some of my favorites. I love the stories, the graphics, and the gameplay. I love being the conquering warrior, the valiant knight, or the cunning villain who causes chaos where ever he journeys.  I am sure there are a lot of ladies out there who would like to do the same.

They want to be the heroine of a story as well, like “Joan of Arc” and not just the caretaker of the family. Even if it is just for a little while. To escape the pressures of our daily lives.

The more Female Characters in Games: The better!!!

joan of arc
            “WE NEED YOU LADIES”

With women and video games, more female characters are coming to the arena every day and it is exciting to see where this is going to go. Here are just a few:

  • Rikku “The Final Fantasy series”.
  • Jilly Valentine “Resident Evil”.
  • Clementine “The Walking Dead”. A very popular TV series today.
  • Cortana “Halo”.
  • Lara Croft “Tomb Raider series”. One of my favorites.
  • Chun-Li “Street Fighter”. Kicking butt and taking names.
  • Sonya Blade “Mortal Kombat”. Another lady I wouldn’t want to mess with.
  • Princess Zelda “The Legend of Zelda”. A classic for young and old, female or male.
  • Harly Quinn “Batman Series”. The bad girl who whoops up on Batman.
  • Catwoman “Batman”. Another nemesis of the Dark Knight.

Why do Women Play Video Games: Because they can!!!

                                “LADIES, FOLLOW YOUR LIGHT”
  • They are FUN.
  • They are entertaining.
  • They are challenging.
  • They can be helpful, informative, insightful, educational, and healthy (If used correctly).
  • They can increase social interaction, at home with the family or across the globe with new found friends.
  • They can be a stress reliever, especially after a long day at work or running errands all day.

Issues for women and video games are the same issues for guys as well. They don’t define who or what we are, neither does the sports we play, the TV shows we watch, the books we read, or the websites we visit.

We are all unique and different. So should the games we chose to play. The varieties of video games are endless and will grow more and more in the future.

Ladies, the next time the kids or the husband grabs their controllers to play the next version of “Halo Wars”, you just say, ” It’s my turn to go first this time, you just need to watch”. Please leave any comments below or email me at johnny@gamingwithgrandpa.com 

Grandpa, johnny, the Grey Wolf, Watcher of the Woods. 

Women of the World,  “LET’S GAME”

women of all ages
                                  “FEMALE WARRIORS, GOD’S CROWNING JEWELS”

26 thoughts on “Women and Video Games: Not just for guys!!!

  1. I think that the reason more men play than women is because women tend to keep themselves so busy with things that have to be done around the house and chores that they don’t have a lot of time left for themselves at the end of the day, and when they do they prefer to have a bubble bath or pick up a good book.

    I must admit though, I do find games like Candy Crush rather addictive when I get a chance to play.

    • Hi Michel, 

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. 

      Life can be very busy at times. I know my dear wife, Cindy does so much for me and our home. She even helps edit my writings to make sure they make sense and I am using proper grammar. She kinda works as my edit, my proofreader, and so many other things. I am not paying for her contributions yet. But that day will soon come.  

      My wife would agree with you about the bubble bath. She also loves to watch old movies, especially classics. She just watched “Gone with the Wind” the other day. 

      Candy Crush is fun. It seems a lot of women enjoy these types of games. I am glad you have found a video game you like. 

      I appreciate your thoughts, Michel. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  2. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading this, and why shouldn’t ladies play video games :-))

    Being quite competitive I reckon I would soon become a bit addicted if I started playing!

    It’s true what you say about the stereotypical gamer, my neighbors son is one such person. I get that kids enjoy gaming but have never really understood the fascination in adults, maybe because I’m a bit old fashioned or because I much prefer to be outdoors than in. I hope that many women do enjoy gaming tho if that is what they want to do. I also hope gaming is not a male chauvinistic world and that new women players are made welcome?

    • Hi Louise, 

      I really appreciate your thoughts. You and I have a history. You have helped me so much. I respect any comments from you. You have been such a blessing to me. 

      Now, to your comments on this post. it doesn’t surprise me you are competitive. You are a warrior. Some of my favorite games have women as the lead role. For example, I have been playing a game called “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. I get to play a female character named Alloy. It is a futuristic game where the hero is a woman. I love it. 

      I agree with you, being outdoors is great. I live in the mountains of Colorado, over 9000 feet above sea level. I live in the woods. My wife, Cindy, love taking walk in our neighborhood. 

      I pray and hope women players are welcome as well. If they are not, then the gaming industry has a problem. 

      I think things are changing. Video gaming is not about gender.  

      Louise, I always love to hear from you. 

      Your friend and brother in Christ. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  3. The stats do not lie. In the past, video games targeted the male audience more than they did the female audience but the fact is that that was just money being left on the table. These game developers obviously now realize this which is why more games are coming out that also targets the female audience.

    When a game developer hits jackpot is when the game they develop can be played by both males and females. The hardcore kind of games are obviously male-targeted and you won’t find a lot of females playing that. Some games like car racing and games similar to Lara Croft tomb raider can also be played by females. 

    In fact, any game that is not hardcore can be played by females. What I have found some females doing is that they just like watching the males play the games. They just sit back and watch and contribute verbally to the gameplay. 

    It is really cool that females are now starting to actually enjoy playing video games. I really like that.

    • Hi Jay, you nailed it. Money is the driving force to create games women will enjoy. Players in the gaming industry finally wised up. Ladies spend money too. 

      It does seem like most women players are not into the rough raw hardcore games. Some of those are over the top even for me. 

      With the variety of video games today, ladies can find something to their liking. Also, playing games with our kids is fun whether it be the mom or the dad. We can create a game night. Who says it has to be cards or board games. Video games work too. 

      You mentioned women enjoy watching guys play. My wife is like that. She doesn’t ever play. But she likes to watch me play certain games. She likes games that have beautiful scenery and a deep storyline.

      When I play Horizon: Zero Dawn, she will watch for hours. Not all the time but quite a bit. She will give me advice on how to solve puzzle parts of the game. I really enjoy having her there. 

      I really appreciate your thoughts, Jay. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  4. Wow, I can’t believe that twice as many women play video games.  I am female and I never really saw what the big deal was.  Never played video games and probably never will.  Ok, but them I saw Sim City and Candy Crush Sage on your list.  Those are really just pc or app games, not video games right?  I have played both.  Heck I had to quit Sims City because I was spending entirely too much time on it.  How about Pokemon Go, what are the statistics for that?  

    • Hi, Matt’s Mom, 

      Thank you for your comments. I was surprised by how women play video games as well. I understand there are a lot of people who are not into playing video games, especially women. But a lot of people do enjoy them including women. 

      The image of mostly nerdy type guys sitting around playing video games all day is not always the case as statistics show. 

      You mentioned Sim City and Candy Crush (It seems like a lot of women like this one). I agree they may be apps, but they are still video games whether you play them on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your PC, or your television. 

      If you play these games then you would be considered a gamer. Here is the definition of a gamer from Wikipedia. “A gamer is a person who plays interactive games, especially video games, tabletop role-playing games, and skill-based card games, and who plays for usually long periods of time.”

      I think it official Matt’s Mom, you are a gamer by definition. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it does not dominate your life and time. 

      I know the Pokemon series is very popular among younger players. 

      I appreciate your thoughts. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  5. Indeed, the stereotype of a gamer is typically male teenagers and young adults, but I know several female gamers. My 9 year old son loves online games and he loves to watch YouTube videos and follows many of the popular YouTube gamers. I was shocked myself to see that many of them were female – I was ashamed to have to admit I followed that stereotype of the gamer being boys and young men lol. I’m so glad you decided to bring attention to this fact – thanks for that!

    • Hi Shannon, 

      Thanks for stopping by. 

      I did the same thing about stereotyping gamers. I thought most of them were nerdy types who were mostly guys. The research sure shows different. This is good. Girls can enjoy video games just as much as boys. 

      My granddaughter, Sierra, likes playing video games. She is 21 now. When she visits, her and I always find time to play. She likes playing the fighting type games. She kicks my butt every time, but we have a lot of fun. Playing with her creates special memories for me. 

      What kind of games does your son like playing? I have a post on this website about jobs in the gaming industry. Your son might enjoy that one. You never know, your son may one day design the next blockbuster video game. 

      Nice to hear from you, Shannon. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  6. I love all the features of the game especially call of duty, I really love that game and I have played it countless times. I have no experience playing video games with a girl but I’m about to have because a female friend of mine is coming to sojourn at my place for some time and according to her she said she loves video games and I have made preparations for that till she comes.

    • Hi Dhayours,

      I love the “Call of Duty” games too. In fact, I am currently playing “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. I love how the controls of the game are very simple to use. I don’t like games where controlling the character is too complicated. 

      What kind of games have you chosen for your female friend? Or will you let her pick what she wants to play? Whatever your friend and you decide, I hope ya’ll have a blast playing together. 

      Dhayours, thank you for your comments. Have a good day. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  7. Wow! Wait a moment for me to take all these in… I’m baffled, amazed and thrilled to discover the facts here. I’m an archaic believer of video games= males. I never thought the population of females playing video games could be that staggering and almost on par with men. Though its cool to realise this. Personally, I like playing as a female character in any action video game. They are fiercely cool and lovely. Seeing them do everything like a male character always excites me. 

    thanks for sharing this informative post

    • Hi darrickramos, 

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. 

      I was baffled, amazed, and thrilled too. I would have never guessed so many women are gamers. This is a good thing. I think it is another way to spend quality time together as a couple. 

      I am with you about playing female characters. They seem more interesting than male characters. Also, there is nothing sexier than watching the female warrior kick butt and take names. I love it. 

      I’ve been playing “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. You get to play a female character named Alloy. She battles tribal bandits and machines that look like dinosaurs. It is set in a futuristic apocalyptic world. The immerse world is beautiful. It is a blast to play. 

      What kind of games do you play? Also, what is your favorite female heroine in the gaming world? 

      I appreciate your input darrickramos. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  8. Absolutely an eye-opener I never really thought about who plays games, more male or female and to be honest I would have bet the farm one males by a vast majority, not sure why just a stereotype I guess, I think it’s great you know, ‘girls just want to have fun'( sorry I couldn’t resist), gaming is 190 million dollar business WOW. I haven’t played for years but I remember sim city and Warcraft on disk, I guess that shows my age but I was fun to level up, I can understand the technology and development of these games, basically pushing the field forward thanks for the eye-opener now where did I put that controller?  T,C 

    • Hi TC, 

      You got it, “girls do want to have fun”. I love that. Gaming is not just a guy thing anymore. There is a vast variety of video games to choose from. There is something for everyone, young or old, and female or male. 

      From some of the replies I get, a lot of women enjoy “Sim City” and Warcraft. Another game ladies seem to like is “Candy Crush”. I like all these games as well. 

      Yea, the gaming industry is a huge business and it’s not going away. Big money equals big business. 

      You are right, it is time to dust off the controller and get with it, LET’S GAME. 

      Thank you so much for your comments. I hope to hear from you again. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  9. I don’t know much if anything about gaming but my sense is that first of all your website design is perfect for the topic. I typically don’t like a black background because they are hard to read, but yours is easy to read and adds to the overall mood / topic. I really like your website because it’s different. I also looked at the educational benefits article and learned things.

    Thanks Johnny!


    • Hi Judy, 

      Thank you for your comments. 

      I originally had a white background. It looked bland and boring. I change to the black a couple of months ago. Some other people said they don’t usually care for a black background. I think it reads okay. I really think it helps the images stand out. 

      I have to watch myself and not get carried away with adding too much color. I don’t want it looking too cartoony. I hope I am hitting the right balance. 

      I do feel the look of the website does match the topic and theme of my posts and messages. 

      I have a lot of fun creating content and adding the just right images. 

      I am glad you got something out of the educational benefits post. Feel free to read some of the other posts. 

      Thanks a lot for your thoughts, Judy. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  10. Hi Johnny,

    I found your article so unique and interesting at the same time. We all know that gaming is a massive industry and the tendancy of playing video games among the teenagers is growing rapidly nowdays. But apart from the teenagers who doesn’t love to play video games? Everyone does.

    You have written this article through a different perspective. The reason might be difficult to find out for many others like me. But I have understood that there’s nothing bad of playing video games no matter which gender you are. Even the games that holds the touch of feminine sit are very enjoyable to play for all. And the most important thing that gaming is not for guys only. Even ladies are interested in playing these kind of games. And we all should encourage them to move forward with their thoughts.

    Thnak you for writing such a interesting article.

    • Hi Extrovert1, 

      Thank you for your kind and insightful words. I was hoping readers would react exactly the way you did. I am so glad you found the post interesting and unique. 

      I was shooting for a different perspective, an old guy who loves playing video games. I guess I will always be a kid at heart. At least that is what my wife, Cindy, says. 

      I love playing games where the lead character is a woman. I am currently playing “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. The heroine is a young lady named Alloy. She battles bandits and machines that look like dinosaurs. The scenery is beautiful and it has an interesting storyline. My wife will sit and watch me play this game. 

      I love that more women are finding games they enjoy playing. Like you said, “Not just for guys”.  

      Extrovert1, I appreciate your time to reply to this post. 

      I wish you all the best. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  11. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing such a good article .I must admit with you that games are not only for boys but also for girls to .But girls like to keep themselves busy in household work and in their personal life . They don’t play video games much. There are some games which girls like to play and you described most of it .My sister and mother also play candy crush in free time

    Thank you for sharing such a good article .I will share this article with my friends and family. It was a great article.

    • Hi Fahim1, 

      Thanks for your comments. I think girls play them more than we think, especially young women who have grown up with gaming technology. I know women like playing online games like Warcraft or Minecraft. It seems like Candy Crush is very popular among the ladies. I like playing it too. 

      I am glad to see the video game industry is taking notice, “women like to play too”. 

      Do you play any games? 

      I hope you have a great day. Stop by anytime, Fahim.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  12. I’m actually just as surprised as you are that there are so many women gamers out there. I thought it was more like 1 female gamer for every 10 male gamer, but apparently it’s a lot higher. But now thinking about it I’m not that surprised because video games should be gender-neutral in the sense that it’s fun for everyone and there’s games suitable for both males and females nowadays. Thanks for sharing your article with us.

    • Hi Son, 

      I agree video games need to offer something for everyone no matter the sex or age. We live in a diverse world and we need our gaming choices to be diverse as well. We are all unique and have different likes and interests. Our video games should reflect that uniqueness. 

      I was surprised there are so many women who played video games. It was a pleasant surprise. I think the gaming industry is noticing these numbers. More games today try to appeal to female gamers. I know women are just as competitive as the guys. My granddaughter kicks my butt every time we play together. We have a lot of fun. 

      Thank you for your thoughts, Son.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf, watcher of the woods. 

  13. Great post on women and video games, I can relate to much of what you have written about. I am old, I have grandchildren (4 boys and 2 girls), and lots of women around me (family). I am actually outnumbered most of the time! One thread that runs through all these women (and girls)?  They all like to play online video games.

    You are right that the type of game may differ, and as more and more of the more well-known games add in female characters, they are getting into ones that it seems the boys play, they are making their presence known in our household. They like to take bragging rights whenever they can, and they can be vicious (in a nice way).

    I guess what I am saying is that you are absolutely right in welcoming women into the video gaming world, as they are major players in the scene and add to the overall enjoyment to be had playing them. I for one cannot imagine a scenario where they do not play a role…

    Having said that, it is good that you have brought this up so those not as blessed as me can become aware of just how much of an impact women can have on the hobby/sport. Hail to all women and hail to those that like to whip us in any video game we are foolish enough to go up against them with! 

    Great post, enjoyable read. Thanks, way to start off my day today!

    • Hi Dave, 

      Thank you so much for a beautiful and heartfelt reply. I can picture your family and you having a blast playing video games together. You are a perfect example of how video games can be a positive experience with families and friends. 

      These kinds of reaction I get from readers like you are exactly what I hoped for with my website and articles. I want to research and talk about all aspects of the video gaming world, good and bad. 

      I love the female heroines in games today, like Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider”. I know what you mean about going against female players. My dear granddaughter, Sierra, is brutal in her gameplay. She likes fighting type games like “Injustice”. She kicks my butt. She loves beating up her grandpa in the video world. I love these moments I get to spend with her. 

      I do hope my posts help people understand, gaming can be fun and enjoyable if kept in the proper place. We need to remember they are still games. The most important thing is spending quality time with people we love and care about. Also, we have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world through video games. This is a good thing. 

      Dave, you made my day better too. Thank you. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf, watcher of the woods. 

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