Video Games for Older Adults.

The following chart reflects the breakdown of people who play video games:

                               “VERY INTERESTING NUMBERS”

Overview: Whose Playing Video Games?

1. The average age of gamers: 35 years old.

2. The average age of game purchasers: 38 years old.

3. Households that own a device used for playing video games: 65% and growing.

4. Households that own a device exclusively for playing video games: 48%.

5. The average number of years gamers have been playing is 13.

What these statistics show are video games are not just for kids or rebellious teenagers. They are still a major part of the gaming industry. They play and purchase most of the video games today.

The part of the chart that caught my attention was the percentage of adults 50 years or older who play video games, 26%. I was surprised it was that high. This is a portion of our population we usually don’t associate with playing video games.

I predict this percentage will rise because of aging baby-boomers and other age groups as they age. (Let’s face it, older adults playing video games is becoming a larger slice of the video gaming pie). I have included a link about health video games for adults.

Mental and Physical Challenges as we age: 

                  “IF MY GRANDKIDS COULD SEE ME NOW”

1. Bones: Throughout adulthood, men and women gradually lose some mineral content in their bones. The bones get less dense and we start losing strength as we age.

2. Metabolism and Body Composition: Over time, the body typically needs less energy, and your metabolism slows. This can result in loss of muscle mass and weight gain.

3. Brain and nervous system: Memory changes are a normal part of the aging process. It’s common to have less recall of recent memories and to be slower remembering names and details.

4. Social Interaction: Social isolation includes living alone, having a small social network, infrequent participation in social activities, and feelings of loneliness. All of these factors can pose serious health risks for older adults.

5. Depression: All the above red flags or even one can lead to a feeling of sadness. Our health is failing. We have no energy. We feel alone.

Aging is part of life. There is nothing we can do to stop it. It affects every part of our lives, our minds, our bodies, our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves.

I know playing video games is not going to fix the issues we face as we age. I get that. But enjoying time playing video games with my granddaughter, Sierra, helps my “state of mind” tremendously.

I hope together we can explore new and exciting ways to take advantage of this modern technology we call “Video Gaming”.

Let’s have some fun together or maybe just take the sting off the sharp edges of life.

                                        “I’M 62, STILL A BIG, OLD KID”

Benefits and Usages of Video Games for kids and adults (Young & Old).

1. There are twenty experimental studies published between 1986 and 2013, involving 474 trained to play video games and 439 healthy older adults who met the inclusion criteria.

The results indicate that video game training produced positive effects on several cognitive functions, including reaction time (RT), attention, memory, and global cognition. I have another link which goes into more detail about the educational benefits of video games, please check out.

2. Physical activity can be improved with some interactive features available with most consoles today (Ex. Xbox’s KINECT).

3. Video games can help with social interaction, especially for individuals who may feel isolated or alone.

4. Playing video games between parents and their kids or grandparents and grandkids can increase quality time together.

5. Products like KINECT’s Wheels and Cupcake Heaven will give wheelchair-bound adults access to motion-based games that are wheel-chair accessible.

6. New video games can gather data to help in the treatment of deadly diseases like Alzheimer. British researchers are hoping new video games will produce valuable data to help diagnose the earliest signs of Dementia, CBS News’ Teri Okita reports.

Some arguments against video games say they distant people from each other. This can and does happen way too often. Many gamers want to escape from people and the pressures of life. This is so sad. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When kids or young adults use video games as a way of isolation, parents and grandparents should be concerned. But the blame should not always be dumped on our kids.

                        “TIME WITH OUR KIDS, THE BEST”

Taking the time to be involved our kid’s lives can go a long way in our relationships with them. These includes are aging family members as well.

Video games can be a positive thing. We need to show more of an interest in what our kids and aging relatives do with their time.

Spending time together, talking to each other, or just blowing-up some zombies together can help improve our relationships with our kids, our grandkids, our parents, our grandparents, our families, and our friends.

Our interaction with each other is really the same way it has been since the beginning of time. It’s about our RELATIONSHIPS with each other.

It is not important what we do, but being together while we do it is the key. Video gaming for adults (especially older adults) can be a new and exciting adventure.

So gamers, let’s climb in your jet plane, buckle up in your Indy race car, or armor up for your next demon opponent. Let’s get with it my fellow older Gaming Warriors. Please leave any comments below or email me at

Age is only a number!!!

                                        “THE WATCHER OF THE WOODS”


Grandpa, johnny, the Grey Wolf, Watcher of the Woods.

I hope and pray we all come together as a family.

Let the games begin my fellow warriors.

26 thoughts on “Video Games for Older Adults.

    • Canaila, sorry I have taken so long to reply. Trying to clean up some stuff I created last weekend. Had to replace a lot of images I got off the internet. Didn’t quite understand about copyright laws, I do now.
      Your website pricked my interest. I have never heard of this.
      I think you are to a good start. Just keep feeding us more information.
      Add some pictures or images and colors. Play around, you will find what fits.
      Trust and Believe.

  1. I’m agree that age is not a matter when playing video games. Everyone can enjoy gaming, from babies with only months old to elderly in their 90s. There are so many positive things we can do when playing games, from bonding to increasing knowledge and improving brain activity. As long as we know our limit, everyone certainly will enjoy playing games. Thank you for your article 🙂

    • Hi Alblue, 

      Well said, brother. Every point you made is exactly right.  

      Video gaming can have positive effects as well as negative effects. I have written a post about violence related to video games and one about addiction to video games. These articles address the darker side of video gaming. I think you might enjoy them. 

      Knowing our limits is so important. This applies to all areas of our life, not just video gaming. 

      Good comments, thanks. 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf. 

  2. This is the most original and exciting post I have ever come across and I love it. I had my grand kids here today, we play a lot of board games but not video games They would beat me everytime, it would be too demoralising.  However you brought ot some really interesting facts such as the percentage of seniors who do play video games and also the cognitive benefits of playing video games.  Maybe I should forget my pride and start playing with the kids.

    Thank you for a wonderful site. 

    • Hi Judy, 

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Comments like yours help me realize I am on the right track as far as giving people good helpful information. 

      I still like playing boards games too. A lot of the board games or card games have video game versions as well like “Monopoly” and others.  

      It is so nice to hear you spend time playing games with your grand kids. That is awesome. Keep it up. 

      When my granddaughter, Sierra, visits, she beats me almost all the time. I still have a lot of fun. Don’t worry about losing to your grand kids. I am sure they can help you get better at them over time. 

      Please make you play games that are appropriate for their ages and family friendly.  A lot games are violent and rough, so be careful. In the future, I will add a post that will address game rating. 

      JUST HAVE FUN, your grand kids will love it. 

      Thanks for stopping by, 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf.  

  3. It is a good thing that old people are now enjoying video games. For me that is the best age to play it.  I love games but my only problem is that  consumes plenty time and I hardly manage my time very well.  But for old people who are retired it is a good device to pass time and enjoy.

    • Hi Paschal. 

      Thank you very much for your comments. Nice to hear from you. 

      It is good to see older adults are enjoying the “World of Video Games”. I didn’t think about it, but retirement is a great time to play video games. Especially, some of the interactive exercise games. 

      There are a lot games available to exercise our minds as well. Even board games or playing cards can be done on video game systems. 

      I know it can be hard to find time to play video when you have other things that consumes your time like family, jobs, or school. We just got to fit it in when we can. I don’t manage my time very well either. 

      I don’t really play that much, mostly weekends. But I still love playing them when I can. 

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf.  

  4. Nice article there on video games for older adults.i find the article so full of informative and educative point on game

    never before now I only think games are for only children it never cross my mind that older people too play games

    i do play games when I was younger but later in life when I get busy with work I don’t play it any more.i will like to try and play games with my kids at home today to feel how is it like again

    • Hi ajibola, 

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on this post, I really appreciate it. 

      I learned a lot about video games benefits for our minds as I did the research. Video gaming is not just a kid’s game anymore. Video games often something for everyone no matter what your age, young and old. 

      I know living life can keep us busy most of the time. So many things pull for our attention. It seems to never end. 

      We all need moments to unwind and relax. I know I do. For me, playing video games is one of the many ways I use. I like reading books and the Bible, watching a movie with my wife (Cindy), writing, or listening to music. 

      We should never limit ourselves, in how we think or how we play. 

      Let me know how it went playing video games with your kids. I hope ya’ll had a good time. 

      I hope to hear from you again. 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf. 

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this excellent content with us . Some video games are good for older adults brains . Pinochle is a popular senior card game with many variations . Bridge is another card game  that will help to keep the mind sharp . Playing 3D platforms video games on a regular basis may improve cognitive functions in seniors and increase grey matter in a brain structure called the hippocampus . 

    • Hi arnaiemhasan, 

      Thank you for your comments. 

      Improving cognitive functions in seniors is always a good thing whether it be playing cards or video games. Card and board games are excellent ways for people to use their minds and spend time with others. 

      Playing video games is just another way to sharpen our minds and socialize. It doesn’t need to replace other activities like playing Pinochle or Bridge. It’s just one more tool to help keep our minds young and alert. 

      Plus, video gaming adds variety to senior citizen’s entertainment. I think I would get bored playing cards most of the time. 

      There is so much variation in choosing a video game to play. There are hundreds if not thousands of video games to choose from. Grandkids can help their grandparents pick something they can play together. 

      Video gaming is not just for the young. 

      Thanks for your thoughts and comments. 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf. 

  6. Great article, I never knew video games had a lots of benefits for the old and young. Video games are just an avenue to pass time and chill out with friends. Reading this article has shown me that video games had a lot to do with my development. This site is a really great sute

    • Hi Aweda,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your thoughts are very helpful. 

      Playing video games with friends is a great way to spend time together. What games do you and your friends like to play? I am playing “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. 

      Sounds like you have developed into unique young man. Keep it up brother. 

      Your comments are always welcome. 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf. 

  7. Loved this article Grandpa Jonny! I 100% agree about games helping one to keep their youth, especially ones that can help with reaction time and cognitive ability. It is also true that we can play games and still be socially involved as both are important for human development. At the age of 37 I am a family man who is an advocate for games that can be both fun and challenging. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Cliff, 

      I enjoyed your comments. 

      I like your thoughts about video games helping our minds as we age. As we get older, it is so important we keep our minds sharp. Learning new things is always a good thing for our mental state even if it is playing video games. 

      Video games can be an important tools is so many ways if applied properly. They shouldn’t separate us. 

      Anyway, kids don’t have to be the only ones having fun as they play video games. “Old farts” like me can be a gamer and have a blast doing it. 

      Thank you for your comments. 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf. 

  8. This is the greatest innovation of the highest order. I don’t know there can be a game for adults to play. I need to commend the brain behind this insightful game. Video gaming is known to be kids game. I also appreciate the fact that you losted out the benefits and its usage. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi abioye, 

      Thank you for comments. 

      I was surprised as well as I did my research about the benefits for older adults. As we can see there is a lot more to video gaming than just playing and having fun. 

      Video games can be a useful tool for adults and kids. 

      I think they are a great way for our families to connect and bring us closer together. 

      I really appreciate you taking the time to response to this post. 

      johnny, the Gray Wolf. 

  9. I absolutely love this post

    I am 60 years young and have grandkids who love gaming and often ask me to have a turn and play a few games with them. Of course, I’m hopeless and they thrash me every time but the laughter and the social interaction is wonderful and the kids love it. They feel so powerful when they best me every time. eye sight and coordination are letting me down but if I practice while they are not around, I will be ready for the next visit with them and look out kids, here comes Granny. Thank you- This made me smile today

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thank you so much for your comments. 

      The connection between your grandkids and you is exactly the reason I create this website. I want to show video games can bridge the gaps between young and old. Video gaming has the ability to bring families together if used properly as you do with your grandkids. 

      Don’t worry about getting trashed by your grandkids. My granddaughter Sierra kicks my butt all the time. I don’t think I will ever be coordinated enough to beat her, but we have a lot of fun. 

      It’s about spending time with our families. It sounds like you enjoy the laughter and interaction too.

      Thanks for understanding the true purpose of my website. You made me smile too. 

      I hope your practices go well. You can do this. 

      You know my motto, “Let’s Game, Granny”. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  10. Ageing is actually part of life. We can’t stop it. We rather pray for long life and to age gracefully. However, as we age we need some things that can keep us busy and relief us from mental stress. Some of these things are video games which you listed. Video games and it’s need can not be neglected. 

    • Hi Kenechi, 

      Thank you for your reply. You are so right about the aging process. We are all headed that way like it or not. Hopefully we can slow it down. 

      Being active mentally and physically are important factors to keep our minds and bodies healthy as we age. 

      I pray and hope we use every tool available, even if it is playing video games. Nothing wrong with having fun as we try to retard the “Getting old” dilemma. 

      I really appreciate your thoughts. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf.   

  11. I kind of expected these results of what age groups and exactly what age most of the game purchasers are nowadays. There are more middle age gamers now than ever before and that looks like the trend that is going to be prominent from here on out and that is a good thing. Have you always played games as much as you play them now?

    • Hi Jon, 

      To be honest, I don’t really play a lot. I mostly only play on the weekends. Sometimes I will go days without touching a controller. It takes me months to finish a game. I definitely get my money’s worth. Plus, I skip around a lot playing different games. I love the ability to stop playing and pick up where I left off days later. I love the “save button”. 

      I feel as stereotyping changes or disappears, gamers will come from all ages groups, young and old. I think this a good thing. 

      Video games can be and do become another way to bring people together. 

      Game on, Jon. 

      Thank you.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  12. Thanks for the great article. I found it informative and very interesting, especially as I now seem to count in the grandpa category.

    I too was amazed to see just how large the percentage of gamers was in this category, Although I have just returned after many years of gaming as a way of keeping my 9 yr old daughter amused at times.

    It is an interesting point that the number of 50+ gamers is only going to increase rapidly perhaps the gaming industry needs to take account of this and start to develop game content aimed at this audience specifically.

    • Hi Adrian, 

      Thank you for the brief mention of your daughter. How old is she now? Do you still play video games with her? I hope you do. I haven’t seen or talked to my daughter for over twenty years. I made so many bad choices. 

      I would give anything to go back in time and change things. I wish I had spent more time with her. Who knows, she and I might have played video games together. 

      Adrian, cherish those times you spend with your daughter. No matter what you do, embrace it whether it be riding bikes together, taking walks, or even playing video games. 

      Sorry, I brought up such a sad part of my life. Hearing about dads who spend time with their little girls always touches my heart. It brings me joy and pain at the same time. 

      Thanks for your thoughts, Adrian. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

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