Video Game Genre: Imagine it, Play it!!!


Before I get started, what the heck is a “Video Game Genre”? Remember, I’m not real tech savvy, but I’m learning.

The definition for a “Video Game Genre” goes like this, a video game genre  is a specific category of games related by similar gameplay characteristics. 

As you will see, genres may include a variety of games, leading to even more classifications called sub-genres. For example, an action game can be classified into many sub-genres such as platform games and fighting games. 

Have included a link for a greater breakdown of all the different genres. Please check out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_genres

Okay, did everyone get that? Clears as mud, right? I am going to break down the different Video Game Genres and give a game example within each major video game genre. I hope and pray this makes sense.

  • Action: Action games have physical challenges that require eye-hand coordination and motor skill to overcome. The Grand Theft Auto series is a very popular action game. Also, the superheroes Batman, Superman, and Spiderman are action-packed games.
  • Adventure: Adventure games describes a manner of gameplay
                   “ZELDA: A CLASSIC FOR ALL AGES”

    without reflex challenges or action. They normally require the player to solve various puzzles by interacting with others or the environment. One of the all-time best adventure games is the “Legend of Zelda”. The “Legend of Zelda” has been around for decades. This game is popular among all age groups or genders. These kinds of games usually have a very good storyline to follow and play.

  • Action-Adventure: These combine physical actions, solving puzzles, and interaction with people or their surroundings. The hit TV series “The Walking Dead” spawned a very fun game dealing with the “zombies” of the world.
  • Role-playing: Most of these games cast the player in the role of one or more “adventurers” who specialize in skill sets (such as melee combat or casting magic spells) while progressing through a storyline. “Skyrim” and “Mass Effect” are two widely played role-playing games. These virtual worlds are massive.
  • Simulation: Simulation games are a diverse super-category of games, generally designed to simulate aspects of real or fictional reality. The life simulation game “The Sims” is a mega-hit where you interact with a family called the “Sims”. My favorite simulated games are flying fighter jets like “Ace Combat”.

                    “WARRIORS OF THE SKIES”

  • Strategy: Strategy video games focus on gameplay requiring careful and skillful thinking and planning in order to achieve victory and the action scales from world domination to squad-based tactics. The game Iron IV allows one to control any country in the world.
  • Sports: Sports are video games that simulate sports. The opposing team(s) can be controlled by other real-life people or artificial intelligence. This genre covers anything from racing cars to playing football, basketball, or baseball. It can include competing in the Olympics. The choices are limitless for any sports fan.


  • Other notable genres: MMO (Massive Multi-players), Casual (Short/relaxing/ very low requirements), Party (Games for parties), Logic (Puzzles and mazes), Trivia (Answering jeopardy-like questions), board/card games (Chess or Poker).

From toddler to senior citizens, female to male, from beginner to gaming pro, to casual to serious gamers, there is something for anyone who picks up a controller or sits down in front of a computer screen.

Virtual Reality systems are the next big thing in the video gaming industry. Please check out this link.



In our homes, in the classrooms of our young ones, as part of our hospital’s operating rooms, even in the battlefields where our finest soldiers risk their lives, video games are not just toys anymore, but they are tools.

In the long run, a video game genre is just a label. They don’t really mean a lot. I hope I have helped others to see the endless choices one has in the video gaming world.

So my fellow gamers, especially you grandpas and grandmas out there, join me, your friends, and your families in a new and fun way to reconnect with people.

                                             “BOLDLY GO TO THE STARS”

Or if you choose, just sit back in your recliner, load up your futuristic spaceship, soar to the galaxies, and save the universe from potential evil-doers.

Have fun gamers.

With all that being said,

                        “HEAR MY HOWLS”

“Let’s Game”

I howl to God, please bring us closer together as a family which includes our friends, through a video game. If you have any comments, please leave below or email me at johnny@gamingwithgrandpa.com

“Pierce my heart, My Lord” 

Grandpa, johnny, the Grey Wolf, Watcher of the Woods.

32 thoughts on “Video Game Genre: Imagine it, Play it!!!

  1. Wow, this is a nice comprehensive review. I love videos games and the sports genre is my favourite followed by the action games then adventure. But I never knew so much genres existed. 

    Gaming is an essential exercise which enhances our cognitive abilities and eye-to-hand coordination. So I guess like me, almost everyone play games. 


    • Hi Sammy, 

      Thank you for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. 

      What are some of the games you are currently playing? I love action adventure games. I am playing “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. I have been at it for over 3 months. I am progressing slowly but surely. I definitely get my money’s worth when purchasing a new game. 

      Good point about video gaming is an essential exercise for our minds and bodies. 

      I learned a lot about different genres while researching this subject. I enjoyed writing this post. I hope others will enjoy it as well. 

      “Let’s Game”, Sammy. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  2. This is a great and simple to follow guide on video games genre.

    You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for my team. I have heard about this different types of genre before but I haven’t tasted its benefit this much. This is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on different games genre. Thanks for the eye opener

    • Hi Ola, 

      I am glad this article will be useful to your team. What kind of team do you have?

      I was hoping the laid out would be easy to use and understand. 

      I don’t like things too complicated. For me, make it short and sweet and to the point. 

      It can be fun checking out other video game genres. We never know what may “tickle our fancy”. Let’s explore new worlds and new adventures. 

      Thanks for your comments, Ola. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting article,  I have been a video game lover right from when I was a kid and I still have great passion for it ,I love action adventure games as they keep me occupied as they are tactical and competitive followed by soccer which happens to be my best sport game. Thanks for sharing this. 

    • Hi Seun, 

      Yea, I have been a fan of video games for decades. I was hooked the first time I played “Pong” long ago. I fell in love with video games then and I am still in love with them now. Over 40 years of gaming. 

      I like action adventure games as well. The gameplay just engrosses you as the stories unfold before your eyes. 

      I like playing sports games like “Madden’s Football”, but I am not very good at them. 

      I appreciate your thoughts, Seun. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  4. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me .video gaming is a type of gaming genre relating to the game player characteristic.this article is very interested describing various types of game, every lover of gaming genre should read and knows more about gaming. Thanks for the information 

    • Hi Adamu2, 

      Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I am glad you enjoyed the article. I wanted the post to be informative, but not too technical or nerdy. I’m a simple guy, I like things explained to me in a simple way. I try to do the same thing for others. 

      There is a lot more info out there about video game genres. For more details, all a person has to do is google the subject matter. 

      I hope this post has been helpful to others as well, thanks Adamu2.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  5. Aha! I always thought video games are only for the “young ones” but not for the “not so young ones” like myself, ha ha. And that ls why didn’t think it was something I would like to do for fun. I see my kids, nieces and nephews play video games all the time and basing on their body’s movements, I said to myself that there’s no way I can play with them because I would never win.

    Anyway, I was looking for another video game as a gift to one of my nephews but before deciding I thought maybe I should read a bit more about what video games really are and why kids and teenagers are so crazy about them. And now you’re telling me that there are video games for everyone, wow! 

    Strategy video games really got my interest because I am drawn to activities that require you to put some careful thought and planning. I’d better check this out. Thank you!

    • Hi Alice, 

      Video gaming is not just a young person’s game anymore. It has something for anyone no what the age. 

      Next time you see your kids, nieces, and nephews playing, join in. The kids will love it that you take an interest in something they like doing. I bet they would be thrilled to show you how to play. 

      Don’t worry about winning or losing. It’s about spending time with your family. Playing video games together is not about the game. For me, it is a different way to interact with people. I don’t want to replace other activities, but I think it can enhance our relationships with others in a positive way if applied correctly. 

      I can picture you playing video games with the kids and all of you are having a blast. 

      I like playing strategy games. They make you think. Also, they are played at a slower pace, which I love. I’m not very good at games that depend on how quickly I can hit the right combination of buttons. 

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you may find that sparks your interest. Ask the kids what they may suggest.   

      Make it a “Family Affair”. 

      Thanks for stopping by Alice. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  6. I’m really a video games person but I don’t take note of genres. I just like to try out a game, if it’s fun, i play. If I was to look at genres, I would only play adventure and action games, but I’ve seen some really “action” strategy games, I would have missed out on them if I looked at the label. So in my humble opinion, if the name and graphics excite you, just play, you never can tell if you’d love it.

    • Hi Louis, 

      Thank you for your comments. I agree with you. If a game looks like fun, I will play it. I don’t pay attention to genres that much either. 

      I do lean toward certain games,  like action and adventure games. I don’t like games where you play from the god view. 

      I am currently playing “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. A very good game. It has amazing graphics and a well thought out storyline. 

      I like playing cartoony games like “Ratchet and Clank” or “Crash Bandicoot”. They are so much fun. 

      I really appreciate your thoughts, Louis. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  7. I like your break down of different video game genres, it educated me and helped me see where I am good at. I own an Internet cafe here in our place, and oftentimes I find myself playing with my customers. Sometimes, LAN computer games. And most of the time, online games where opponents are located on the other side of the world. The two most common computer games we are playing here are DOTA, Command and Conquer Games of the Generals and Rules of Survival, which according to your genre classification, are Strategy video games. Do you also play these games? I hope someday we can meet and play together even if it means just meeting online if offline meet-up is impossible.

    • Hi Gomer, 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

      That is so cool that you play games with your customers. I bet they really appreciate your time spent with them. 

      I like those games or other games in this genre. I don’t play them a lot. Mainly because of time. I work full-time and work on my website and write when I can. Most of my video game time is on the weekends. 

      Since I don’t get to play a lot, I am not a very skillful player. I’m not a very good teammate in multi-player games. Some of these players are amazing. I’m not. I usually play single player mode. 

      Where are you located at?

      I would love to meet up, however possible. 

      I appreciate your thoughts. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  8. Great article and wonderful writeup about game genre, I’m a gamer so I’m used to many of these genres but stil I have my favourite, that’s the adventure games. You really shed some spotlight on these genres for beginners wants more than just games but what to know about what they are playing. Great work sharing these infos, I personally gained more from it. 

    • Hi Ayodeji,

      I appreciate your comments.

      I’m with you. I love playing adventure games. It’s like being part of a movie. I feel like “Indiana Jones”, especially when I play “Tomb Raider” Laura Croft.

      Right now, I am playing “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. It is set in a futuristic apocalyptic world. You fight against bandits and machines that look like dinosaurs. I love the storyline.

      What adventure games are you playing?

      I am glad this post was helpful, Ayodeji.

      Thank you.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf.

  9. My dad is 63 and he and my mom recently moved about 1000 miles away.  I’ve been trying to stay in touch more effectively with calls, but we often don’t have a heck of a lot of things to talk about for long periods of time.

    I’ve often thought he’d love to get into some form of gaming. When I was a kid he absolutely loved our Atari and played with me all the time. Do you have any recommendations for the best genre of games to try and get started with him?

    I feel like something that is totally immersive like a first person or 3rd person shooter may end up making him dizzy and the controls might be too much to take in right off the bat…Any thoughts on a better idea?

    • Hi Craig,

      I love the fact you are trying to find ways to spend time with your dad. I think playing video games is an excellent way to connect with him.

      You mentioned Atari. Start there. There are a lot of retro games available that you can play on modern consoles.

      You can still play “Donkey Kong”, “Mario Brothers” or any other older game. These games are still fun to play. They might bring back fond memories.

      I know wife Cindy is not a gamer, but she will play puzzle or trivia games with me. Your dad may like those, especially strategy games.  

      If your dad or you have a game in mind, just go to YouTube and bring up a video of the gameplay of the game you choose.

      This will give you a feel of how the game is played. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything to view these videos. Plus, these video game videos are great ways to help get through difficult spots when you are playing the game.

      Do a little research, talk to your dad, and have fun figuring out what works for you both.

      Tell your dad I said hi.

      “Let’s Game” Craig.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf.  

  10. Wow, this is a nice comprehensive review. I love videos games and the sports genre is my favourite followed by the action games then adventure. But I never knew so much genres existed.this article is very interested describing various types of game, every lover of gaming genre should read and knows more about gaming. Thanks for the information

    • Hi Adisa1,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad it was helpful.

      I think my favorite genre, for now, is adventure games. That may change. This is one of the reasons I love playing video games. The options are endless.

      I can race cars, shoot villains, save the world, and catch the winning touchdown in a matter of hours. I love it.

      I appreciate your thoughts, Adisa1.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf.

  11. Hi there. This is an absolutely comprehensive and entertaining review. I really love the video game especially because the sports genre is my favourite. Gaming is really a fun exercise that really improves our cognitive abilities.  i like the way you articulated it and showed a series of examples that really helped you to substantiate your points. Nice post 

    •  Hi Kehinde,

      Thanks. Your words mean a lot. I was hoping the post would be easy to read and informative.

      What kind of sports game are you currently playing?

      I am playing an adventure game called “Horizon: Zero Dawn”.

      Gaming is a fun and adventurous way to challenge the mind.

      I appreciate your time, Kehinde.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf.

  12. This is a great, informative and educative article and simple to follow steps on video games genre. You can’t possibly be more exhaustive! Everything is highlighted clearly with various examples to validate your various points. This guide will be very useful for my team or any team for that matter. I have heard about this before but this is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on different games genre. I have been game lover since I was small and I still play with my daughter till now, I love action adventure games but she love soccer better so I am soccer game lover too now. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi jaykaynigltd,

      Thank you for taking the time to offer your comments.

      I am glad you liked the post. I was hoping to achieve the exact response that you gave. I wanted it to be informative and helpful to readers.

      I love the fact you still play with your daughter. I bet she loves it too. Not that it matters, but who wins most of the time?

      I play with my granddaughter, Sierra, when she visits. She likes fighting games. She kicks my butt most of the time.

      I’m just hitting buttons and hope to land a lucky punch. We have a lot of fun.

      Good to hear from you, jaykaynigltd.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf.

  13. Thanks for the read. There are many video game genres so everyone can find something to like. I have been an avid video gamer for many years now and I always liked to play storyline driven video games as I always liked to follow a story that has an ending. I was never into online games as I found them boring after a while. I prefer a video game to have a beginning and an end.

    • Hi Stratos,

      I appreciate your thoughts.

      I lean toward the story driven games as well. You are not just playing a game, you are on an adventure.

      Some of these games are so good about showing emotions in the character you play. That’s hard to do in a video game.

      I like playing online games, but I don’t really have time between my writing, my website, my job, my wife Cindy and our two darling cats, Calle and Sassy.

      It takes time to build up your empire in some online games. I’m not into building up a game, I just want to play it. That’s just me. 

      Also, I really don’t like playing from the “God view” of a lot of video games, especially online games. I want to be in the middle of the action, not viewing it from the skies. 

      Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, Stratos.

      When you get to the end of a story driven game are you a little sad when it comes to an end? I know I am. It’s like saying goodbye to a very near and dear friend. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf.

  14. Love your article. I used to play a lot of games in college but after I graduate I did not have the time to play. I only play the cell phone games now. I used to play a lot of Biohazard (or resident evil) and Kingdom hearts, my most favorite RPG. It seems like you have a lot of catching to do. Have fun exploring all the new games. Oh! You should try Virtual Reality shooting game. It is so addicting!

    • Hi Nuttanee, 

      How are you doing? Thanks for taking the time to comment. I understand life can be so busy. We are pulled in so many different directions. Work, school, families, and friends dominate most of our time. It is hard to break free of the rat race we live in. Playing video games is probably the last thing on our minds. 

      Another problem arises from the guilt of wasting time playing a game. We feel like we shouldn’t be playing video games when there are so many other things that need our attention. 

      I never think we should use gaming as a way to escape our duties and responsibilities as an adult. But sometimes we just need a break from the pressures of the world and our lives. We need to go to the recharge mode. The way we do that is different for everyone. For me, it is playing video games. 

      I like playing “Resident Evil” and it scares me when I play it. From the videos on Youtube, the VR games look amazing. I hope to get a VR system soon. My wife, Cindy, said she would play VR games. I am looking forward to that day. 

      I appreciate your time, Nuttanee. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

  15. I can relate to this post on video games genre on a couple of levels. I am a grandfather (hence the website itself fits) and I do like gaming. I never really had seen the genres laid out as you did in this post, but after reading through the page it really fell into place.

    Unlike many other activities that require a special skill or perhaps youth, gaming is one that is open to all, from young to old. That is what is so nice about getting involved as you can have the whole family play and it can open the floor to other interactions.

    You did put a humorous spin on this article and even the design of the page added to the effectiveness. Most definitely you connected with this grandpa, and I agree to imagine it, play it, and I would add enjoy it! All outcomes we can expect when we start diving into the many genres of games that are out there for us all! Thanks for an enjoyable read this morning!

    • Hi Dave, 

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am glad the read made your morning a little more enjoyable. I enjoyed doing the research and putting the article together. I was hoping for the kind of reaction you showed by reading this post. 

      You are right, it doesn’t take training or schooling to play video games. All I have to do is turn on my system or computer and it is “Game On”. I love it. Now, I have to be honest, I am not any good at most the games I play. My eye-hand coordination isn’t that great. It takes me months to complete a game. Some younger players today will beat a game in a weekend. I am not that good. But I have a blast playing.  

      I love the idea that whole families can connect through video games. I’m not saying it should replace other ways families interact. It is just another tool in our treasure chests.

      Dave, from one grandpa to another grandpa, “Let’s Game”.

      johnny, the Grey Wolf, Watcher of the Woods. 

  16. It’s been a long time since I’ve played before. Ever since I have started working, playing video games is not a priority anymore. I miss those times where my siblings and I will play. What game do you recommend today for me to play? I have no idea what’s good today

    • Hi Vincent, 

      I never make playing video games a priority. For me, it is something I do for fun and entertainment. I really don’t play a lot myself. I mostly play on weekends. I have so many other things in my life that need and require my attention. Like God, my wife, Cindy, and my website and writing. 

      What kind of games did your siblings and you play? 

      As far as what is good today, it all depends on what are your likes and interests? There are so much chooses. There are good role-playing games like “Skyrim”. The “Call of Duty” series is good war based games. I like playing the “Assassin’s Creed” games. If you like cartoon-like games, “Ratchet and Clank” are a lot of fun to play. 

      Here is an idea, all those games you played with your siblings, you can probably find them somewhere on the internet. Just Google the game name and it will usually lead you someplace where you can purchase the game. 

      You can still play “Donkey Kong” or “Pacman”. Just look up retro video games. You should find something. I have the game “Galaga” loaded on my Xbox One system. It is still fun to play. 

      I hope this helps. 

      Thanks for your comments, Vincent. 

      johnny, the Grey Wolf, watcher of the woods. 

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