Jobs in Video Gaming: “It’s a living”.

I’m not a numbers guy. Sometimes stats and data fade into “worthless” information for me. It may be nice to know, especially if your job is dependent on it, but I don’t really care about the numbers.

“Show me the money”

You are probably asking, “Well, johnny, then why are starting this post with a bunch of stats?” That is a fair question. 

Let me try to explain. We are talking about $118.6 billion dollars. Let’s be clear here, we are talking about “-illion” with a B, not with an M. This is a major difference.

In 2016, video game players around the world spent about $99.6 billion. This is an 8.5 percent increase from 2015’s $91.8 billion in revenue.

“Movie Magic”       “Movie Money”

It is predicted, the video game industry will generate $106.5 billion in 2017, $112.5 billion in 2018 and $118.6 billion in 2019.

I want to show how much revenue can be generated by a video game compared to a blockbuster movie.

There are 18 movies which grossed $1 billion or more. The movie Avatar did it the fastest.  It reached a billion dollars in ticket sales in 17 days.

When Grand Theft Auto V was released in September of 2013, it reached $1 billion in sales in three days. It eventually sold over 80 million copies since it was first launched.

“Avatar, you can’t touch this”

The U.S. video gaming industry has  2,457 companies that directly and indirectly support over 220,000 jobs, These jobs generated $30.4 billion in revenue for the year 2015, based on a report by Entertainment Software Association.

The video game industry grew its employment in 2015 a rate of 2.9 percent. This more than double the rate in the U.S. job market. People can earn an average of $97,000 per year. This nearly doubles the average U.S. household income. Now, a lot if this kind of income will depend on what area one chooses in the gaming industry.

We are not talking about “Chump Change” here.

I have added these stats and data to reveal and (hopefully) reassess our views and preconceived notions toward the video gaming industry. There is a lot of money to be made if one decides to pursue a career in the video game industry.

“Anything is possible”

So listen up my dear friends, families, and fellow gamers. Let’s explore the possibilities and opportunities that await our kids, our grandkids, or maybe ourselves.

I hope this helps.

Jobs in the Creating phases of the Video Game Industry.

Game Designer:

How to become a Video game Designer:

“Dare to learn”

Video game designers use high-end computer software to create interactive games. These individuals work with a team to complete projects. They will often specialize in one area of the game, such as character creation or storylines. They first create their vision with a hand-done mock-up or blueprint. They create all kinds of visual effects and animations, including 3-D models.

Schools offering Game Production degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Degree Required: An associate or bachelor’s degree is a must.
  • Education Required: Knowledge in computer science, game design, and animation.
  • Key Responsibilities: Duties will include creating storylines, design characters,  and making sure the game flows well by editing.
  • Job Growth (2014-2024)*: 6%.
  • Median Salary (2015)*: $63,970 .

Software Developers and Computer Programmers:

“We need a code buster”

How to Become a Video Game Programmer:

Video game programmers write lines of code which computers interpret to present an interactive visual world for players to explore. Programmers work under strict deadlines. They write codes, tests theories and eliminate bugs which keep the game program running smoothly. Employers prefer programmers with extensive knowledge of programming languages, like Java, C+, C++, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Schools offering Game Production degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Degree Required: Bachelor’s degree is often preferred.
  • Education Field of Study: Working knowledge in computer science and game design.
  • Key Skills: Needs to understand specific programming languages.
  • Job Growth (2016-2026): -7% (This includes all computer programmers)*.
  • Median Salary (2019): $64,039*.

Animators and Other Artists:

“Draw it, Play it”

How to Become a Video Game Animator:

The characters and settings in a video game are created by video game animators. They meet with the game designers and programmers and discuss the needs of the game and the desired look. Video game animators then work on storyboards with proposals for the settings and characters that will be used in the game. They use their artistic skills to draw by hand and also use computer design software to generate the images that will be incorporated into the game.

Schools offering Animation degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Degree Required: An associate degree or a  bachelor’s degree is needed.
  • Key Responsibilities: This includes drawing storyboards and developing animated characters and settings for video games.
  • Job Growth (2014-2024): 6%*
  • Median Salary (2015): $63,970*.

Audio Engineers:

“Sounds become gameplay”

How to Become a Video Game Audio Engineer:

Audio engineers use computers and electrical equipment to create soundtracks for video games. They are responsible for everything you hear when playing a game. They give voice to characters, create sound effects, and record background music.

Schools offering Animation degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Degree Required: An associate or a bachelor is a must.
  • Education Field of Study: Must have knowledge of audio production, audio engineering, and sound engineering.
  • Key Responsibilities: The engineer operates recording equipment by mixing and remastering audio files. They also set up equipment for live recording sessions.
  • Job Growth (2014-2024)*: 7%.
  • Median Salary (2015)*: $41,780.


“Write what the heart speaks”

How to Become a Video Game Writer:

Writers fill multiple roles within the video game industry. Scriptwriters create the stories upon which games are based and write dialogue for the characters. Technical writers create accompanying documentation and instructions.

Schools offering English Reading & Writing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Required: A bachelor’s degree is needed for a technical writer. Ability as a writer/author is suggested.
  • Education Field of Study: These areas of study are English, technical writing, journalism, editing, online technology for a technical writer.    Writing, English, journalism, editing, word processing, online technology will be needed for a writer/author.
  • Key Responsibilities: Writers gather, fact-check and write technical information for specific readers. They also research and interview subjects then they create and write original content which includes fact-checking and editing content where needed.
  • Job Growth (2014-2024): 10%* (Technical writer)/2% (-5% for editors)* (Writer/Author).
  • Mean Annual Salary (2015): $73,350* (Technical writer)/$69,130 ($64,910 for editors or writers/authors).

Interpreters and Translators:

“Break the language barriers

How to Become a Video Game Interpreter or Translator:

Interpreters convert character’s dialogue into other languages. Translators change instructions and other documentation from their original languages to other languages. Their work allows companies to market games to an international market.

Many schools offer undergraduate degree programs in translation and interpretation. Many programs are available at the graduate level.

Interpreters and translators can also earn a certification from the National Association for Interpretation or the American Translators Association Voluntary certification.

  • Degree Required: Either a bachelor’s degree or a certification is needed.
  • Key Responsibilities: Convert dialogue/ change documents.
  • Job Growth (2012-2022): 46%*.
  • Median Salary (2013): $47,920*.

Video Game Testers:

“I get paid for this, AWESOME”

How to Become a Video Game Tester:

Game testers provide quality assurance (QA) for video game companies. They make sure games function correctly, and that instructions and documentation are clear. They identify any problems or bugs and report their findings to designers and developers.

Video game testers test-drive key features of a video game, like characters, graphics, and usability. They want to make sure a game works properly before hitting store shelves.

Schools offering Game Production degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Degree Required: Only a high school diploma is needed in most testing jobs.
  • Education Required: Some employers require certificates in computer science, such as information technology or related areas.
  • Key Responsibilities: Test video games for bugs and report findings on the game’s performance.
  • Job Growth (2014-2024): 7% (for all occupations related to software development)*.
  • Median Salary (2013): $38,418**.

Technical Support Specialists:

“You are not alone”

How to Become a Video Game Technical Support Specialist:

Technical support specialists are the link between video game companies and the public. They staff call centers where they help customers who have problems operating the games and related equipment issues as well. Support specialists answer questions via phone, online chat, and email.

Schools offering Information Technology degrees can also be found in these popular choices,

  • Degree Required: An associate degree is a bare minimum and a bachelor’s degree is highly recommended.
  • Education Field of Study: Areas of school needed are computer science, information systems, information technology, computer engineering.
  • Key Responsibilities: IT specialist diagnoses hardware or software issues, assisting users with computer operations, repairing equipment, and train new users.
  • Job Growth (2014-2024): 12%*.
  • Median Salary (2015): $48,620* (for computer user support specialists); $62,250* (for computer network support specialists).

Business Jobs in the Video Game Industry.


“Good production, Good game”

How to Become a Video Game Producer:

Video game producers are involved in the business and financial dealings in video game products. They get the games ready to be marketed to consumers. Producers oversee all personnel and keep the production of games within time and budget constraints.

Schools offering Digital Cinematography degrees can also be found in these popular choices. This includes music and video producers.

  • Training: Working experience in a related field is highly recommended.
  • Key Skills: Talents needed may include creativity, leadership, clear communication, and management skills.
  • Work Environment: Producers may come from the video industries, performing arts companies,  or they may be self-employed.
  • Similar Occupations: Other skill people included actors, art directors, announcers, film and video editors, camera operators, multimedia artists, animators, write or authors.

Marketing Managers:

“It takes a team”

How to Become a Video Game Marketing Manager:

Marketing managers coordinate the video game publisher’s’ marketing activities. They come up with a strategy for selling the game products to consumers. Marketing managers decide where to sell the games and how they will promote them.

Marketing management is what guides a firm’s marketing plan. They use market knowledge. This information is obtained through research and surveys. In short, marketing management is part of the business that makes and develops the company’s marketing strategy.

Schools offering Marketing Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Average Salary (2014): $137,400.
  • Job Outlook (2014-2024): 9%.
  • On-the-Job training: None.
  • Similar Occupations: Other related jobs include market research analysts, advertising sales agents, art directors, and public relations managers.

Market Research Analysts:

“It’s about people, not numbers”

How to Become a Video Game Market Research Analysts:

Market research analysts create surveys used to determine prospective customer’s buying choices. Analysts use the data they gather to help video game publishers decide what products and services to sell, how much to charge for them, and where and how to sell them.

Schools offering Marketing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Education Required: A bachelor’s degree is required. A graduate degree highly recommended.
  • Education Field of Study: Courses in Marketing, market analysis, business, and social sciences will be part of one’s training.
  • Job Responsibilities: Analysts develop public opinion surveys and interpret results using qualitative analysis. Their findings help guide employer on decisions involving pricing, demand and product development.
  • Job Outlook (2014-2024): 19%*.
  • Average Salary (2015): $70,030*.

Sales Representatives:

“Warrior of the Week: Travis Daniels”

How to Become a Video Game Customer Sales Representative:

Sales representatives sell video games to wholesalers, retailers, and customers on behalf of publishers or stores. They need knowledge about the products, the video game industry, and potential customers.

Side note: I have to mention Travis Daniels. Let me share a brief bio.

Travis Daniels, an inventory control associate, organizes video game consoles in the electronics department at The Exchange on Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D.

“Their smiles say it all”
Daniels was named the base’s Warrior of the Week for the third week of February 2014.
The Army Air Force Exchange Service is an official organization under the Department of Defense and some of its employees deploy overseas in order to serve military customers even in combat zones such as Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Luis Loza Gutierrez).

“Thank you Guys, our True Heroes”
Travis, we love you brother. God bless you. I hope you don’t mind I added your image to my website. It seemed fitting.

Schools offering Sales & Marketing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

  • Work Environment: Jobs may include working at a call center, an office setting or a retail store.
  • Key Skills: Requirements or talents needed are good interpersonal communication, out-going, problem-solving,  and confidence.
  • On-The-Job Training: Up to 1 year of experience is helpful. A lot of it will depend on the employer.
  • Similar Occupations: Other related jobs are advertising sales agents, purchasing managers, or real estate brokers.


I hope and pray this post has been helpful.

“Gifts of God”

We in America love to push our kids into what we think what is best for them. Parents and grandparents, most of the time, you are right on the mark. Older adults have the advantage of experience. Our youth does not understand this.

But we as parents or grandparents don’t always understand our kids and our grandkids either.

We are so quick to shove our kids into sports or other extra school activities if they show a talent for that activity.

“DREAMS take action”

We have all heard the same story over and over, especially with dads. I was a star athlete, therefore, my son or daughter should be one as well.

If your kids or grandkids love to play video games, then ask them, this question “What if you could make a living playing, designing, or programming future video games, would you do it?

“DREAMS are ageless”

Playing video games does not have to be a problem for families. Gaming may be a solution to our kids achieving their dreams.

It is so simple, we as parents/grandparents need to care as much about what our kids care about as much as we want them to care about what we care about. I hope what I just said made sense. I had to read it twice myself. Is this really so hard to understand?

I hope this post has been helpful. So the next time your daughter or son won’t put the controller down, talk to them about the amazing jobs in video gaming.

“Ask, Seek, and Knock”

It’s not just about playing a video game, it’s about making a good living doing something our kids or young adults love doing.

Parent and grandparents let us encourage our kids, not discourage them.

“Let’s Game” or “Let’s Work”

Please leave any comments or thoughts below or email me.

“DREAM the Impossible”

johnny, the Grey Wolf.







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