Do video games promote violence?

Kid Fighting

    When I first started working on my website, “”, I wanted it to be fun, entertaining, and informative. I want to look at all aspects of the “Video Gaming World”. The fun and entertaining part is easy, just play and have a good time. I love doing that. But what about the informative … [Read more…]

Video Game Genre. Imagine it, Play it!!!


Before I get started, what the heck is “Video Game Genre”? Remember, I’m not real tech savvy, but I’m learning. The definition for “Video Game Genre” goes like this, “A video game genre is a specific category of games related by similar game play characteristics.  As you will see genres may include a variety of … [Read more…]

Virtual Reality, the Future in Gaming!

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Virtual Reality, don’t just play, be in the game.  I am sure a lot us remember the holodeck room in Star Trek: “The Next Generation”. It was a place where crew members could escape the pressures of flying and maintaining the Starship Enterprise. You could play sports, use it for training, spend a relaxing day … [Read more…]

About Grandpa, Johnny, The Gray Wolf!

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Our Journey together. My website is for anybody who enjoys playing video games, grandparents, parents, kids, friends, and family. Everyone can have fun playing video games. I have played them for decades, I love them. My first game was “Pong”. My favorite gaming time happens when my granddaughter, Sierra, visits. She wins most of the … [Read more…]