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Our Journey together.

Sierra 2

My dear Granddaughter, Sierra!

My website is for anybody who enjoys playing video games, grandparents, parents, kids, friends, and family. Everyone can have fun playing video games. I have played them for decades, I love them. My first game was “Pong”.

My favorite gaming time happens when my sweet granddaughter, Sierra, visits. She wins most of the time, we love it. This site is dedicated to helping people of all ages have fun playing video games.

We will look at games, consoles, how they can help the mind, or even exercise the body. We will look at the pros and cons.

Let”s go on a journey or maybe just a wild roller coaster ride (They have games for roller coasters too, ain’t that cool). Let’s go to galaxies far, far away, let the games lead us where they may.

My First Video Game, “Pong”.

My experience with video games started in the late seventies with a game called, “Pong”. I am now sixty-one years old. It is a blast playing videos games today. There are so many cool advancements in graphics and technology. They are so realistic.

I am not what you would call a gaming geek and I don’t play all the time. I love playing them when I want to unwind or have a little fun.

I can be Batman, Superman, Spiderman, or any superhero of my choice.

Wow. amazing!

I get to play football, basketball, baseball, or hockey like a pro (Not really, I’m not that good, still fun though).

I can set in the cockpits of fighter jets, or old WWII planes. I am able to drive tanks, race boats, or cars of any kind. And you don’t have to die in a fatal crash, just hit the restart button and you’re back in the driver’s seat.

You can become a spy or an infamous bad guy. Play as Hans Solo, wield a sword like a medieval knight, be one the Mario Brothers or Sonic The Hedge Hog.

Unknown fantasy worlds are breathtakingly beautiful and storylines can rival Oscar-winning movies. The adventures and journeys are endless.

I have come a long way since “Pong”. I hope to get a virtual reality game system in the near future. This is the next step in video gaming.  (I hope to get one for Christmas). I need to put a bug in my wife and Santa Claus’s ear (Yea, I still believe in “Santa Claus”).


Instead of being fearful of technology, enjoy it! terminator

Let’s face it. Technology is here and it ain’t going away. The genie is out of the bottle. So many images of our modern, advanced society can be so cold and distance.

Machines rule a lot of our time. There is a fine line between technology controlling us or us controlling it.

Like most things in life, modern technology can be at worst, abused, at best, not taking the full advantage of this awesome advancement in our new digital age.

We have access to information on any subject of our choosing with the click of a mouse. We can play games so realistic that even the crew of “Star Trek” would take notice in their “Holodeck”.

Video gaming doesn’t have to isolate us from each other. We can play games with people around the world. It has the ability to bring us together in ways that used to be science fiction.

With anything in life, we must choose to use our resources in a positive, productive, or just plain fun.

I want people to learn how much fun, entertaining and helpful video gaming can be in their lives. I will look at both pros and cons of the gaming industry.

Also, I hope people will help me create a quality website, become a better writer, and hopefully in the process become a better person. Your comments, tips or encouragement will be very helpful to make this website a better tool that is useful, informative, and entertaining.

I hope we can start enjoying time with each other again. people playing video games

My main goal is to help others learn how to have fun playing video games. With any new technology, it can be frightening, confusing, cold, difficult to learn, expensive, and just plain hard to get the hang of it. Especially, for old farts like me (Remember, I am sixty-one years old).

I hope to educate old and young gamers on a variety of subjects within the gaming industry.

I hope to help people use video games to bring their families, friends, and people they meet through gaming closer together. Even gamers on the other side of the planet, AMAZING.

I believe a whole new world of entertaining, gaming, information, and digital interaction awaits us. We are at the tip of the iceberg. I want to go a new adventure, no matter the age group.

The-Gray Wolf!


I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know a lot of you fellow gamers. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them at my email below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Grandpa, johnny, the Grey Wolf.

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